MOTV Senior Director Customer Lifecycle and Marketing

NOTICE OF OPENING: Outdoor Sportsman Group
CANDIDATE POOL: Internal/External Candidates
REPORTS TO: MyOutdoorTV General Manager


This full-time role is directly tied to global revenue generation for My Outdoor TV (MOTV). MOTV is an over-the-top (OTT) internet subscription-video-on-demand (SVOD) streaming platform. Working closely with the MOTV and Outdoor Sportsman Group teams, the successful candidate will assume responsibility for strengthening the customer relationship throughout their lifecycle to help reduce churn and increase lifetime value.

This role will lead on development of customer lifecycle strategy, marketing strategy, including engagement and retention initiatives.

This role is also responsible for developing and executing organic subscriber growth strategy through external OTT/Streaming/App/Platform partnerships and Social platforms.


  • Maximize lifetime value of the customer: Drive the roadmap, strategy and execution of lifecycle marketing to onboard, retain, build loyalty and increase lifetime value by engaging subscribers directly with personalized, targeted and relevant marketing at every stage.
  • Develop overall Customer Relationship Management strategy and communications plan leveraging appropriate marketing channels.
  • Lead on improving sales and retention touchpoints across all global markets (i.e. ASO, Sales Funnel, email strategy).
  • Coordinate with internal teams to create strategies and develop campaigns for marketing content to existing and potential subscribers.
  • Ensure all campaigns have key metrics identified, tracked and analyzed with insights.
  • Identify and execute third-party streaming partnerships that can grow the business or improve efficiency and ROI.
  • Ensure adoption of OTT, Organic-Acquisition and Lifecycle Best Practices.

Kind of person who will thrive in this position:

  • Bias to Action.
  • Strong believer in testing, learning, and data.
  • Curious, quick learner.
  • A Sprinter and a marathoner (ability to maintain both short and long-term perspectives).

Outdoor Sportsman Group