Fly Fisherman Gear Guide

Fly Fisherman Gear Guide

Fly Fisherman Gear Guide highlights the best fly-fishing tackle on the market today. Novice and expert  anglers all have similar questions. What rods, reels, lines, and waders are best for my type of fishing? What are the best values out there? What specific products do the experts recommend? We’ll share the results of our extensive testing and recommend the best fly fishing tackle in the world.


Closing Date: 9/1/20
On-Sale Date: 11/10/20
Full 4-Color Page: $2,500
2/3 4-Color Page: $1,925
1/2 4-Color Page: $1,675
1/3 4-Color Page: $1,175
1/4 4-Color Page: $925
1/6 4-Color Page: $675
Spread 4-Color: $5,000

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