Outdoor Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

January 12, 2017

Going ‘Si-ral’ on “Duck Dynasty”; Hunting With Luke Bryan on  “Buck Commander”; Joining an Anti-Poaching Team on “Carter’s W.A.R.”  and Resisting Assimilation on “Friday Night at the Movies”

 DENVER (January 12, 2017) Outdoor Channel viewers will tag along with the most influential people in the outdoor lifestyle industry as they go on once-in-a-lifetime adventures during the week of January 16–22. Si gets into more trouble than usual on Duck Dynasty; Luke Bryan shares his favorite hunting spot on Buck Commander; Ivan Carter brings down a group of elephant poachers on Carter’s W.A.R. and classic western film, Geronimo: An American Legend, highlights Big Country Fridays.

Four episodes centered around the crazy adventures of Si Robertson on Duck Dynasty begin this week on Outdoor Channel. First, taking a hint from Jep, Si outfits himself with a pair of wearable cameras so he can record every moment of his daily life. Next, Willie receives a “priceless” samurai sword, which he tries to keep out of the hands of Jase and the guys. Then, the Duck Commander assembly room gets an unexpected shakeup when a disgruntled Si decides to quit his job. Finally, an argument over a treasured G.I. Joe action figure collectible leads to a paintball war between Willie and Jase.

Big Country Fridays kickstarts the evening with Tombo Martin traveling to hunt for bucks and other wildlife at Luke Bryan’s favorite spot on Buck Commander. Next, on Carter’s W.A.R., Ivan Carter joins the foremost anti-poaching team in Mozambique to bring down one particular group of poachers who have been killing local elephants for their ivory. Friday Night at the Movies ends the night with Geronimo: An American Legend, which is the story of the Apache chief and his armed resistance to the United States government’s subjugation of the native people.

Highlights for January 16–22:

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