Sportsman Channel Highlights ‘Florida Sportsman Watermen’ by Spending Time on the Water and Tackling Environmental Issues

May 29, 2019

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TV Show, Documentaries and Town Hall Meetings All Part of Important Conservation Efforts

DENVER (May 29, 2019) – Producers of Sportsman Channel’s Florida Sportsman Watermen (Sundays at 8:30 a.m.) promote their show by proclaiming: “Feel the passion of fishing in Florida through the souls of the people living to protect it.” With that lead in, it’s not hard to determine this show is more than just friends wetting their lines in the Florida Keys and waterways of the Sunshine State.

Florida Sportsman Watermen host and dedicated conservationist, Captain Benny Blanco, along with his expert guests, take viewers to some of the most picturesque and quality fishing spots in the state of Florida. With a backdrop of spectacular back-country, nearshore and offshore opportunities, Blanco and his guests target and locate some of the most seemingly endless species of fish in the region, while also calling attention to the underlying thread that brings all of it together – clean, healthy water.

In the debut season of Florida Sportsman Watermen, the show connects expert anglers and water advocates to chart the ties between spectacular fishing opportunities, healthy water and habitat. The show takes viewers up and down the coasts of Florida through the Florida Bay, the flats of Titusville, through Stuart, Charlotte Harbor, Tampa and the Everglades National Park.

“Much like Jacques Cousteau’s shows did in the 1960s, connecting average citizens to the importance of our coral reefs, Florida Sportsman Watermen combines the importance of clean and healthy water with a fishing show, as well as connects water advocacy groups with anglers,” Florida Sportsman Publisher, Blair Wickstrom said. “What is truly unique about the show is that it’s a win-win.”

Besides great fishing action, each episode touches on the bigger issue of conserving Florida’s waterways and the implications if action isn’t taken now. The myriad of issues facing Florida’s waters include: toxic algae blooms, red tide, seagrass die-offs, degradation of springs and the harmful effects of dredging.

Each episode also includes a two-minute segment and a longer-form, mini-documentary streamed online that discusses and tries to tackle some of the issues previously mentioned. Some of the areas of interest in this part of the show include: the examination of nutrient discharge in Lake Okeechobee that has intensified Florida’s red tides and other algae outbreaks; the effects of plastic on the environment and how one company is trying to combat and solve this issue in Florida and beyond; habitat in Bee River Preserve’s Indian River Lagoon, the health of Florida Bay and the threat of high salinity; a look at the magic of the Everglades and why the River of Glass is so vital to Florida Bay and the Keys reef system.

For more information about Florida Sportsman Watermen visit: and tune in every Sunday on Sportsman Channel at 8:30 a.m. ET.

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