Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

December 15, 2016

Hunting Like the Golden Eagle on “Apex Predator”; Moose Hunt Gone Wrong on “MeatEater”; November Rut on “MCMILLAN” and Greatest Moments of the Year on “Pigman: The Series”

DENVER (December 15, 2016) – Sportsman Channel viewers will get to sit back and relax for the holidays while their favorite shows fill their days and evenings with adventure and plenty of hunting action during the week of December 19–25. Remi Warren learns how to hunt like a golden eagle on Apex Predator; Steven Rinella goes on the most dangerous excursion of his life on MeatEater; Tom McMillan prepares for the November rut on MCMILLAN and the ghosts of Brian Quaca’s past visit Pigman: The Series.

Apex Predator kicks off the night on Thursday Trailblazers. Using the power of modern optics, Remi Warren attempts to spot and hunt Coues deer in Mexico like one of the world’s greatest winged predators: the golden eagle. Next, on MeatEater, Steve Rinella and his buddy, Ryan Callaghan, float on a remote river during a moose hunt that becomes the most dangerous moment in Steve’s life as a hunter.

Sunday, on MCMILLAN, the November rut is right around the corner, but Tom spends a few days getting all of the girls and women in camp tagged out first. Finally, on Pigman: The Series, Pigman revisits some of his greatest moments from past seasons.

Highlights for December 19–25:

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