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Kayak Fishing Fun


Outdoor Sportsman Group’s third annual Kayak Fishing Fun multimedia initiative will launch in Spring of 2023. The goal of this program is to grow the market of buyers and owners –and increase the overall number of kayak (and canoe) fishing enthusiasts for the future. Additionally, we will educate all the recent buyers of kayaks and canoes on how to operate and rig their boats for optimal performance, safety and success on the water.


Distribution: 65,000
Closing Date: 2/23/23
On-Sale Date: 4/11/23
Full Page: $3,210
Cover 2 & 3: $3,344
Cover 4: $3,611
1/2 Page: $1,798
1/3 Page: $1,284
1/6 Page: $899
1/12 Page: $514


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