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1,792,476 Total Print Audience
143,264 Average Monthly Unique Visitors

Petersen’s Hunting

Since 1973, Petersen’s Hunting has been the most trusted brand solely devoted to the pursuit of big-game and adventure sport hunting.

Quick Fact:

•Petersen’s Hunting Magazine has the largest audience of any other adventure hunting-oriented brand, with over 4-million readers

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  • Magazine Circulation165,970
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors143,264
  • Annual Page Views2,824,690
  • Total Print Audience1,792,476
  • Traffic from Mobile/Tablet77%
  • Social Media Followers44,353

Digital Version

Editor & Publisher

Kevin Steele


Kevin Steele is a 37 year veteran of the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. Currently the Publisher of Petersen’s Hunting and Producer and Co-Host of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures TV, Steele is also the publisher and editor emeritus of Guns & Ammo.

With a reputation as an editor and writer Steele knows his market intimately. He began shooting at the age of five and became a licensed hunter at the age of ten. He has actively participated in IPSC, Metallic Silhouette, 3-Gun and Cowboy Action Shooting, along with skeet, trap and sporting clays. His vocation as an outdoor journalist coincides with his avocation as a passionate outdoorsman who loves shooting, hunting, fishing, off-roading and horses. Competent in all shooting diciplines, Steele has hunted on four continents, taking sixty-two species of big game at last count.

David Draper


An avid hunter and accomplished writer, David Draper has traveled the globe in search of good stories and good food, yet his roots remain firmly planted in the soil of his family’s farm on the High Plains of Nebraska. As a young man, his dreams were fueled by daily trips to the original Cabela’s retail store, which stood a short four blocks from his childhood home. The ensuing years spent chasing his passions for adventure and the outdoors have taken him from the shores of Africa’s Gambia River to Alaska’s Brooks Range. He has hunted birds and big-game on five of the seven continents.

A 20-year industry veteran, Draper has worked in communications, writing and editing roles for the biggest names in the industry. In addition to bylines in scores of publications, he also served as the editor for the hunting journals of Dick and Mary Cabela and contributed to several books on the outdoors. Draper is Editor-in-Chief of Petersen’s Hunting magazine, where he also writes the Fare Game column covering all aspects of processing and cooking wild game.

Colton Heward

Managing Editor

Colton Heward comes from a multi-generational line of hunters and conservationists entrenched in the rich hunting heritage of the West. Growing up in Northern Utah, plentiful hunting opportunities lit a fire inside him that burns with more fervor with every passing season. For more than a decade, Heward spent his falls guiding mule deer, elk, pronghorn and moose hunters before taking on his current role as Managing Editor of Petersen’s Hunting. Outside of guiding, his passion for hunting and the outdoors has taken him to the remote corners of the world from Alaska to Africa in search of adventure and provided some of his most cherished memories.

Prior to working for Petersen’s Hunting, Heward was a freelance outdoor journalist with regular contributions to many Outdoor Sportsman Group publications, as well as several other major hunting media outlets. Preserving our revered hunting tradition through education and conservation is of the utmost importance to him in his role at Petersen’s Hunting.

Dale Evans

Digital Editor

Growing up in northeast Florida, Dale has been in the outdoors hunting and fishing since a young kid. As an avid hunter he has traveled to countless states in pursuit of new adventure and experiences. After serving for 10 years as an Air Force JTAC, he decided to move west to explore new opportunities of hunting western big game. Once established in Montana, he graduated from Montana State University with a Fine Arts degree, and soon thereafter was hired on within the outdoor industry. He comes to North American Whitetail with a passion for storytelling and documenting the hunt, only rivaled by his desire to be in the field hunting himself.

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