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467,071 Total Print Audience
65,736 Average Monthly Unique Visitors


As the preeminent brand for avid ‘water-fowlers,’ Wildfowl provides best-practice hunting advice, habitat reports, flyway forecasts, conservation programs and updates on issues affecting waterfowl populations nationwide.

Quick Fact:
• The Wildfowl readers spend an average of 31.3 days hunting every year and over 4 hours each week training their dogs


  • Magazine Circulation42,461
  • Annual Page Views1,532,470
  • Total Print Audience467,071
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors65,736
  • Traffic from Mobile/Tablet81%
  • Social Media Followers95,259

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Editor & Publisher

Kali Parmley

Associate Publisher

Kali Parmley is the Editor-in-Chief of GUN DOG magazine and Backcountry Hunter magazine. Growing up in rural Ohio, Kali was an avid outdoor enthusiast, spending countless hours in the saddle camping along the trail with her horse, and watching her Grandfather raise and train English Setters. In her early 20s, she furthered her love of the outdoors and began her hunting career.

Kali has become an avid big game and bird hunter, focusing on do-it-yourself hunts on public land. After training her own Labrador Retriever, Lincoln, to hunt birds alongside her, Kali now travels across the United States doing what she loves: chasing wild animals in wild places.

Skip Knowles


A lifelong outdoors editor and writer, Knowles has hunted four continents at the helm of WILDFOWL, Predator Nation, as host of World of Beretta TV
and as contributor to other IMO pubs such as Guns & Ammo and Petersen's Hunting. A life spent in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and Utah have given him a great passion for the West, but he loves about any type of waterfowl or big game hunting. He is also the world¹s greatest shot when nobody else is around.

Nathan Ratchford

Nathan Ratchford

Associate Editor

Nathan was born and raised in rural Northeast Pennsylvania and has spent his whole life getting to know the woods through hiking, camping and on horseback. Hunting found him later in life, but it has been a love affair since. For years now, he has spent most of his free time with a rifle, shotgun or his Labrador retriever. Up until joining OSG, he had been running his own multi-media company focused on social media marketing and commercial production. Despite work in modern mediums, he still writes many of his short stories on an old Olympia SM9 typewriter and has a book collection that always needs an extra shelf for Gene Hill.

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