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Outdoor Channel

Real-Life Action/Adventure Programming

Outdoor Channel is the only destination that delivers real-life outdoor action/adventure programming 24/7. Our loyal viewers tune in for epic outdoor experiences, exhilarating action in the field and on the water, charismatic personalities and the best in outdoor-centric cinema.

The network is dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle and conservation of our natural resources. We’ve taken our passionate audience on unparalleled adventures — across America and around the world — since 1993.

Quick Facts

    • Broadest definition of outdoor programming
    • Gives Masculine Adventure programming a home
    • Built to appeal to the core and casual viewer alike
      • Passionate Outdoorsmen
      • Active outdoorsmen who seek adventure



  • Male79%
  • Median Age 53
  • Median HHI$72,000
  • Married123
  • Owns a Dog128
  • Owns a Home115
  • Owns a 3+ acre lot266
  • Some college +81
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts190

Outdoor Sportsman Group