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North American Whitetail

When it comes to providing the most comprehensive, cutting-edge information on the pursuit of this continent’s undisputed king of big game, North American Whitetail stands alone. North American Whitetail stakes its reputation on being the first to deliver the inside stories of the world’s greatest whitetail bucks, while also providing the most reliable tips for growing, managing and hunting whitetail deer.

Quick Facts:

• North American Whitetail TV is the most popular deer-hunting show on The Sportsman Channel

North American Whitetail TV

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Editor & Publisher

Thomas Weaver



Tom Weaver is the Publisher of North American Whitetail, Wildfowl and Gun Dog. A lifelong hunter and fisherman Mr. Weaver has been actively involved in sales and management of outdoor titles for the past 31 years. Tom specialized in regional hunting & fishing publications early in his career. Mr. Weaver sold for the Great Lakes Sportsman’s Group, which consisted of five titles, and moved on to manage The Northwoods Group (Pennsylvania Sportsman, New York Sportsman and Michigan Hunting & Fishing). Over the last ten years he has been spearheading the efforts on Gun Dog, Wildfowl, North American Whitetail and Predator Nation.

Laden Force

Associate Publisher


Laden joined Bowhunter Magazine in 2016. Raised on his family farm in northern Missouri, he cut his teeth on bowhunting eastern turkeys, whitetail deer and a few small game species. Since leaving the small town to pursue Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Business and Business Administration, his education and passion have driven a career of 10+ years in the outdoor industry with companies such as Remington, Zeiss Sports Optics, Bowtech and now Bowhunter Magazine. Laden is an avid outdoorsman that thrives on pursuing game with his bow, successfully harvesting several North American species. He has been lucky enough to move back to small-town Northeast Missouri, where he and his wife, Jordan, are raising their two boys, Stone and Wilder.

Gordon Whittington

Editor in Chief


Gordon Whittington has been a fulltime staff member of North American Whitetail magazine virtually since its inception three decades ago. He now serves as the publication’s editor in chief.

In addition to his magazine and television duties, Gordon has contributed to a number of books, including the Legendary Whitetails series. He authored World Record Whitetails: A Complete History of the No. 1 Bucks of All Time and with noted researcher Dr. James Kroll co-authored The Art & Science of Patterning Whitetails. Gordon also has served as an instructor at North American Whitetail University, a unique three-day short course on deer hunting and management.

A whitetail hunter since age five in his native Texas, Gordon has hunted the species in more than 40 states and provinces from Canada to Mexico, as well as in New Zealand and Finland. When he isn’t hunting trophy bucks or producing media content about them, he enjoys spending time with his family at home in Marietta, Georgia.

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