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North American Whitetail

When it comes to providing the most comprehensive, cutting-edge information on the pursuit of this continent’s undisputed king of big game, North American Whitetail stands alone. North American Whitetail stakes its reputation on being the first to deliver the inside stories of the world’s greatest whitetail bucks, while also providing the most reliable tips for growing, managing and hunting whitetail deer.

Quick Facts:

• North American Whitetail TV is the most popular deer-hunting show on The Sportsman Channel

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Editor & Publisher

Laden Force


Laden joined North American Whitetail in 2017 as the Associate Publisher. Raised on his family farm in northern Missouri, he cut his teeth on hunting white-tailed deer, eastern turkeys, waterfowl and quail. Since leaving the small town to pursue Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Agri-Business and Business Administration, his education and passion have driven a career of 12+ years in the outdoor industry with companies such as Remington, Zeiss Sports Optics, Bowtech, Bowhunter Magazine and now, North American Whitetail, Gun Dog and Wildfowl. Laden is an avid outdoorsman that thrives on pursuing game with his bow. He has been lucky enough to move back to small-town Northeast Missouri, where he and his wife, Jordan, are raising their three boys, Stone, Wilder and Zee.

Haynes Shelton

Associate Editor of North American Whitetail and Editor in Chief of Hog Hunting

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