938,729 Total Print Audience
170,150 Average Monthly Unique Visitors

Firearms News

As Outdoor Sportsman Group’ oldest brand (established in 1946), Firearms News (formerly Shotgun News) is the world’s largest gun sales publication – serving an audience of firearms fanciers, dealers, auctioneers and private sellers.

Quick Facts:
• FAN delivers more advertising to its audience than any other shooting-oriented brand
• Published 24-times / year – it has the highest frequency of any magazine in our portfolio


  • Magazine Circulation78,665
  • Magazine Frequency24x/year
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors170,150
  • Annual Page Views3,052,582
  • Total Print Audience938,729
  • Median Age 47
  • Average Household Income$99,537
  • Traffic from Mobile/Tablet73%
  • E-Newsletter Subscribers94,421
  • Social Media Followers921,679

Digital Version

Editor & Publisher

Christopher J. Agnes

VP Shooting Group Publisher


Vincent L. DeNiro

Editor in Chief


With a nine-page resume and a career that began in 1982, Vincent DeNiro has worked for some of the largest firearms and defense companies in the fields of marketing, business development, branding, advertising, product development, product management, partnerships, branding, advertising development, import/export/manufacturing regulations (Title I & Title II), product development, military and police contracts, training, public relations, publishing, theatrical armorer for Hollywood, firearms expert witness (accidents, movie industry, faulty design issues, etc.), sales (top in the firearms industry -- beating out entire sales teams at dozens of major firearms companies), distribution, and as the editor-in-chief of one of the oldest and largest gun magazines in the world.

He has owned hundreds of firearms since 1975, was a competition shooter at the age of 17, was a former deputy sheriff, and led the defeat of the first city “assault weapon” ban in the U.S. in 1989, which made national headlines.

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