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Discover the Thrill of the Wilderness, and the Agony of Extreme Conditions in New Docu-Series from Outdoor Channel: ‘Life on the Edge’

September 15, 2023

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New Series Debuts Friday, September 29 at 9 p.m. ET

DENVER (September 15, 2023) – Outdoor Channel’s extreme, off-grid, original, docu-series Life on the Edge will showcase the stamina and grit it takes to survive on the Aleutian Islands beginning on September 29 at 9 p.m. ET. Life on the Edge chronicles the lives of fearless homesteaders and daring American entrepreneurs as they live off-the-grid in some of the harshest and most unforgiving terrain in the world. The series follows the lives of maverick Alaskans in America’s most brutal region. The entire island chain is their playground: dubbed the ‘’Cradle of Storms”, the Aleutians arc west for over 1,000 miles towards Russia, occupying a total area of 6,900 square miles.

The show focuses on three adventure-seeking storylines and the people that have opted to live a solitary life in some of the most remote, inaccessible, and extreme conditions on the face of the Earth. It is in this exact environment these hearty souls, who built their own infrastructures and life off-the-grid, choose to live in radically different ways.

“We're excited to bring our viewers closer to the raw beauty and harsh realities of nature through 'Life on the Edge'," said Tim Cremin, President of Winnercomm and head of programming for Outdoor Sportsman Group. "The series not only showcases breathtaking landscapes but also the resilience and determination of individuals who've chosen a life less ordinary."

At the center of the series is Captain Charlie Summerville, extreme homesteader, and wilderness guide. His reputation precedes him as a fearless off-grid homesteader, a premier guide and bush pilot with more than 35 years and 6,000 flying hours under his belt. In the series, viewers will see Captain Charlie take on the biggest challenge he’s ever faced, building an epic new wilderness lodge right in the middle of brown bear and wolf territory. His new lodge will gaze upon a stunning bay and will be the prime location for experiencing and helping to conserve the region’s extraordinary wildlife. From shipping in his materials in 90 mph winds to erecting the lodge’s timber frame in sub-zero temperatures, this is an epic construction challenge – even for someone like him.

Which is why viewers meet experienced carpenter, Brent “Whitt” Whittenberger. Brent originally hails from Wisconsin and has worked on building sites from a young age. He’s the mastermind behind Charlie’s off-grid construction project with one slight personal challenge – he’s never built in Alaska before and needs to engineer a lodge that can withstand the extreme climate. Besides battling the daily winds, Brent also must be aware of unwelcomed visits from the local brown bears.

Also on the series are ultra-remote helicopter cowboys, Pat and Connie Harvie. This off-grid entrepreneurial couple has built one of the most extreme and successful helicopter cowboy ranches in America, but now they are ready to hang up their spurs and hand the ranch over to the next generation. Their 10,000-strong herd of cattle is the westernmost ranch in America. This herd is so feral, they frequently leap up to attack the low-flying helicopters Pat uses to round them up. Hear the legacy story of these helicopter cowboys, while following their efforts to ready the ranch for a new buyer.

Finally, meet Merrick Jackinsky, engineer for the Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC). The Aleutians are a land of immense tidal power just waiting to be harnessed – if he can get the materials needed there and working. With hardly any modern infrastructure, and where sub -20-degree Fahrenheit is considered a “warm day,” off-grid engineering doesn’t get much more extreme than this.

The entire series is based on the unforgiving Igiugig (a 9,000-year-old native community) Umnak (home to America’s most remote cowboys), and Volcano Bay (quite literally THE most remote homestead in America).

Rare TV’s CEO Alexander Gardiner adds, “The Aleutians are the most extreme islands in America. Period. The islands are an ideal location for a new factual adventure series that the Outdoor Channel audience will love as much as our producers and directors did while making this extraordinary new series!”

Every individual on Life on the Edge wants to change the world by taming this extraordinary landscape. But with temperatures plummeting to -50 degrees Fahrenheit, white-out snowstorms, unforgiving seas, and myriad man-eating carnivores threatening their lives, the stakes could not be higher.

Life on the Edge is produced by Rare TV Ltd. and airs exclusively on Outdoor Channel.

About Outdoor Channel: Outdoor Channel has been taking viewers across America and around the world on unparalleled adventures since 1993. Dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle and conservation, the independent cable network is a division of Outdoor Sportsman Group and provides a complete spectrum of riveting hunting, fishing, shooting and adventure entertainment. Outdoor Channel is the largest outdoor TV footprint in the country and is available in more than 50 countries internationally. Outdoor Channel can be viewed in HD and is accessible by broadband and mobile platforms. For program times and other information, visit Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.



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