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Sportsman Channel’s “North American Whitetail” Celebrates 10 Years

October 3, 2014

10th anniversary episode airs Wednesday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT NEW BERLIN, WI (October 3, 2014) Sportsman Channel’s North American Whitetail, a staple in the network’s whitetail programming lineup, is celebrating 10 years of the biggest bucks and whitetail hunts in their 10th anniversary episode on Wednesday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.  Stan Potts and Pat Hogan, hosts, take viewers through some of the most exciting and memorable moments of North American Whitetail since 2004. Take a look back at the last 10 years of the show in an exclusive video. What is it that NAW-10thanniversary-300x300keeps an outdoor show relevant and viewers coming back for more? For Sportsman Channel’s North American Whitetail, it’s the thrilling, sometimes humorous whitetail hunts, and the experienced hosts that bring the show to life. Over a span of 10 years, North American Whitetail has informed, entertained and enlightened viewers on the topic of all things whitetail. From their craziest hunts and off-the-wall footage, to Potts’ all-time favorite hunt, the series has proven staying power. “In 1983 I killed a buck that, at the time, would have scored number three in the world with a bow. North American Whitetail did a story about it, which began my association with the magazine. Then, Pat Reeve came to me and Greg Miller with the idea for a television show and I made the connection between Gordon Whittington and Pat,” remembered Potts. “We started the show in 2004, in a studio in Wisconsin. We had no idea how long it would last, we just knew we were doing something we loved to do. Ten years later, we’re happy to continue sharing our whitetail knowledge and hunting experiences. We’ll throw in a few more laughs of course, too.” “If there’s one thing that sticks out to me the most about North American Whitetail on Sportsman Channel, it’s the amount of people it takes to put this show together,” said Hogan. “We’ve had a lot of fun and we’ve learned a lot throughout the years, but none of it would have been possible without our production staff, our families and all of the outfitters we work with.” Visit the redesigned North American Whitetail TV website for more whitetail action learn more about the show on Facebook and Twitter To find Sportsman Channel in your area click here. About Sportsman Channel:Launched in 2003, Sportsman Channel/Sportsman HD is the only television and digital media company fully devoted to honoring a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of Americans. The leader in outdoor television, Sportsman Channel delivers entertaining and informative programming that embraces outdoor adventure, hunting and fishing, and reveals it through unique, surprising and authentic storytelling. Sportsman Channel embraces the attitude of  “Red, Wild & Blue America” – where the American Spirit and Great Outdoors are celebrated in equal measure. The network also is dedicated to promoting our nation’s military heroes and veterans, as well as providing a voice for conservation throughout the United States. Sportsman Channel reaches more than 36 million U.S. television households. Stay connected to Sportsman Channel online at; Facebook, (; Twitter ( and and YouTube ( ******** MEDIA CONTACTS:   Ryan Nolan, Sportsman Channel, P: 262.432.9100 ex 117; Shannon Kolpin, Sportsman Channel, P: 262.432.9100 ex 102,

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