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Outdoor Sportsman Group (“OSG”) and its family of consumer publications are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe online experience for all of our users and subscribers while offering the highest quality publications and services to them.  Because we gather certain types of information about and from users and subscribers so that we can fulfill your requests and better serve your needs, you should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of this information.  This privacy policy discloses what information we gather, how we use it, how to correct or change it, and what steps we take to safeguard personal information provided to us both online and offline.  Please note that some of our websites are subject to separate privacy policies.  We encourage you always to check the privacy policy on each website you visit to be sure you understand the privacy policy governing that site; your use of this site constitutes agreement with these terms.  We urge you to read the complete policy below and contact us if you have any questions, but offer this short summary to highlight key points.

  1. We collect personal and non-personal information from you to provide information and service, to understand your interests, and to conduct our business, and may combine it with information we receive from third parties.
  2. We may share personal and non-personal information about you with third parties in the circumstances described in this policy.
  3. We use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to provide personalized content and certain functionalities, and better to understand the features our visitors prefer.
  4. We reserve the right to share information to satisfy a legal request, protect people or property, and in connection with a sale or transfer of one or more of our business or units or operating functions.
  5. We employ reasonable procedures to protect the personal information you send to us.  Credit card and other sensitive information are encrypted during transmission to and from our sites.  However, we provide no guarantees that your data will always be secure.

OSG may offer links to or from websites we control to other sites within the OSG family as well as to sites operated by third parties.  We offer links to third party sites so that you can conveniently visit our vendors and advertisers or locate other content likely to be of interest.  We are not responsible for the content, practices or policies of sites operated by third parties and urge you to inquire about them before providing any personally-identifiable information.

What Information Do We Collect About You?

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How Can You Control Your Personal Information?
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Generally, you can visit our websites, read articles and other materials, and check on offerings without giving us any “personal information” (defined below).  So that we can provide our users and subscribers with the most efficient and enhanced personalized service, we request information about you in certain circumstances, and collect certain information automatically.  We also use contact lists and other information we may obtain from third parties.  For the convenience of our customers and better to serve you, a customer account includes all the collected personal information we may have, but you can update or correct your contact information or change your preferences about receiving offers and information from us or third parties at any time.

Personal Information

By “personal information” we mean information that identifies you individually, such as names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses.  This term does not include other kinds of electronic information which theoretically could be used to identify you, such as the IP address of your computer (which, if combined with the time of access and information from your internet service provider, could be used to identify you by name).  Such other electronic information also includes browser type, domain name, the referring website address, etc.  We use this automatically collected electronic information to facilitate your online experience at our websites.

We collect from you personal information when you subscribe to one of our magazines, place an order (see the section below for more information on subscriptions and orders), or register at one of our websites.  Website visitors may register to receive our email services, respond to a survey, or enter online contests and sweepstakes; we may offer offline contests and sweepstakes as well.  Registration may be required to participate in message boards, bulletin boards, or chat rooms at our websites or to take advantage of special offers.

Sometimes registration can be accomplished by submitting only a user name and password, but some of our offerings require submission of additional information.  The information we collect may include your email address, name, address, phone number, age, gender, hobbies, family information, and similar demographic information or information related to your interests.  For example, our automotive publications and websites may ask about the type of car you drive. Some of our sites may offer you the opportunity to receive offers directly from third parties, or to match you directly with a trusted fulfillment partner, such as an automobile dealer or bank.  In the latter case, in addition to contact information and other details, we will ask you to provide certain financial and credit-related information to facilitate a response from our fulfillment partners.  Our online registration forms will indicate what information is required and what information (if any) is optional.  Of course, you may decline to provide even “required” information, but will then be unable to participate in those website activities.

Subscriptions and Orders

If you wish to subscribe to one of our publications or place an order for products or services, you must generally establish a credit card account with us or our vendors.  In addition to the customary information needed to fill your order (full name, email address, physical address, ship-to name and address, gift information, etc.), subscriptions and orders necessitate collection of your credit card number, credit card expiration date, and the credit card security code.  Electronic order acknowledgments are sent when an subscription or order is placed online.  Most of our websites allow visitors to subscribe to our publications online, and some sites also offer areas where you may purchase items online.  We may offer online and offline subscribers a “bill me” option if they do not wish to use a credit card, but visitors should check specific online stores to see if other such alternative payment options are offered.

Other Information

We conduct market research in an effort to improve our publications and websites and may purchase lists of potential subscribers or customers from third parties.  Those lists may include information on current subscribers or customers.  This information is included in our database.  That helps us, for example, minimize multiple mailings and emailings, and provide information tailored to your interests.


We use information you provide to fulfill your requests, improve our publications, products and services, and operate our business.  For example, we use personal information so that we may display or send custom, personalized content to our website visitors, and to send newsletters, mail, emails, features, promotional material, surveys and other updates, information or offers to our users and subscribers.  A user may, at any time, opt out of receiving promotional offers by mail, telephone or email.  We also use collected information to evaluate and administer our products and services, fulfill customer requests (e.g., subscription and other orders), respond to any problems that may arise (e.g., magazine delivery failures, difficulties in navigating our sites or accessing certain features), gauge user trends to determine what products and services are most popular with users, and to put you in touch with trusted fulfillment partners who can provide services that we cannot.

In some parts of our websites we allow users to send articles or links by email to other parties who may be interested in them.  We do not retain any email addresses (unless you are a member who already has voluntarily provided your email address) of either the sender or recipient of such articles or links after they are sent, and do not share “send a friend” email addresses with third parties.

We may produce reports for advertisers, sponsors and vendors containing anonymous, aggregate information about our users and subscribers, such as demographic, age and online usage information.  This allows us to provide content and offers that are most relevant to our subscribers and users, and to work more closely with advertisers.


Personal information is available to OSG, including its brands and affiliates, and its or their technical and fulfillment agents and consultants who make this website and our publications, products and services available to you.  Anonymous information is available to our advertisers, sponsors and promotional and business partners.  We share your personal information with third parties only as described below.

OSG and Its Agents.  OSG may use both anonymous, aggregate demographic data and any personal information you provide for internal marketing or other business purposes, including sending you notices of subscription renewal deadlines, new publications, services or products we offer likely to be of interest, and filling subscription and other orders.  To facilitate subscriptions and orders, OSG will cache your order information, and create an authorization with a merchant account (e.g., your credit card company).  There are many companies who may be required to assist OSG in making its publications, products and web sites available to you.  Web host firms, technical and database consultants, advertising agencies, and fulfillment firms, including firms assisting us in offering contests and promotions, may have access to personally identifiable information in the course of making our products and services available.  All companies working with OSG must comply with our information collection, use and disclosure policies, and are not permitted to sell your information to third parties or to use it except as authorized by us and you, or as permitted or required by law.

Participating Vendors.  Some of our sites offer opportunities to make purchases online from special participating vendors.  On sites with online purchase opportunities for products and merchandise, we will also give participating manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers or distributors ordering information and merchant bank authorization information.  Any time you order from a participating vendor, that vendor will automatically have all the information related to the order. Participating vendors may use that information to advise you directly of other products and offerings that they provide.  OSG is not responsible for their privacy policies, and urges you to inquire about their information practices.  In addition, vendors may receive the same anonymous, aggregate data that our advertisers do.

Credit Card Companies.  As in any transaction, your credit card company will have all relevant information about the name of the vendor, item(s) purchased, and date and total cost.  OSG will not otherwise provide any personal data to your credit card company.

Advertisers, Sponsors and Promotional and Business Partners.  We share anonymous, aggregate demographic information (such as gender, age, income, hobbies, interests, etc.), and anonymous information obtained from cookies and similar technologies, with our advertisers, sponsors, promotional and business partners, and with participating vendors at sites offering online sales opportunities.  No personally identifiable information is disclosed to any of these third parties in providing these reports.  Credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and passwords are not shared with advertisers, sponsors or promotional partners, and are only shared with specific vendors with whom you place an online order.

Offline and online contact information is handled differently.  As is customary in the publications business, offline contact information (i.e., your name and mailing address) is shared with third parties who may send you offers or information about their products or services.   You must opt-out if you do not wish for us to share such offline contact information with third parties, or if you do not wish to receive promotions from us by mail.

We may extend email offers to you on behalf of our business partners about their products or services, but only if you have indicated that you would like to receive such offers.  Although OSG may receive a fee from our business partners for this service, OSG sends those offers on behalf of the business partner, and does not share your email address with them.  Of course, you may opt-out of receiving those offers at any time.

At our websites, visitors will also have opportunities to sign up directly with certain advertisers and sponsors to enter contests or sweepstakes, receive email updates, or to receive information directly from them.  Third party vendors and advertisers will also use technical and other consultants.  We urge visitors to carefully review the privacy policies of these firms.  OSG is not responsible for the privacy policies and procedures of any third party.

Trusted Fulfillment Partners.  Sometimes we will give you the opportunity to opt in to receive email offers directly from third parties not affiliated with  OSG.  If you decide to accept these offers, we will provide your contact information to the third party.  As our trusted fulfillment partners may keep and use your information whether or not you purchase their products or use their services, your personal information will be subject to their privacy policies, and you should contact them directly for more information about their specific privacy and opt-out policies.

Public Postings.  You should be aware that if you voluntarily disclose information, personal or otherwise, online in any community area (whether through OSG’s websites or any other service available online), that information can be collected and used by others.  For example, if you use chat, forums, bulletin boards or message boards, or if you post personal information online (such as your email address, photograph, etc.), you may receive unsolicited messages from others.  OSG has no control over this use of your personal information.

Important Note

We reserve the right to use or disclose any information without notice or consent as compelled by applicable law, regulation or legal requirement; to conduct investigations of complaints or possible breaches of law; to protect the integrity of our site and our property and assure adherence to our terms of use; to protect the safety of our visitors or others; and to fulfill your requests.


OSG may use “cookies” in connection with operation of its websites.  Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer by theOSG website server.  Cookies are used for record-keeping purposes_the stored information can be retrieved by the OSG website server when you return to the website.

Cookies allow us to personalize or regulate the use of our websites, and also permit us to automate the access and data-entry functions of the site (e.g., login information), to store on-line ordering information for purchases you may make while visiting the site, and to tailor the appearance or presentation of the site to your preferences or interests.  In general, we do not use cookies to track the navigational habits of identified users without the user’s consent.

The use of cookies is common in the industry, and they are used at most major websites.  Cookies will not be used to pass any information from your computer except the specific information placed into the cookie from one participating OSG website when the cookie is retrieved by another participating OSG website.

The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether.  Additionally, you can disable or delete similar data used by browser add-ons by changing the add-on’s settings or visiting the website of its manufacturer.  However, if you elect not to accept cookies, some parts of the website may not function properly or permit access.  For more information on cookies, see


We use Web beacon technologies throughout our sites in order to assess traffic patterns, determine the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, determine unique visitor counts and create an improved user experience throughout our sites.  Web beacons are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, which are commonly used in the industry and on many major websites.  We also may include Web beacons in promotional email messages or electronic newsletters in order to determine the effectiveness of those campaigns.

When a user accesses a page or email containing a “Web beacon”, notice of that access is generated and sent to us.  Because Web beacons work in conjunction with cookies, users who do not want this information considered in association with anonymous cookie information should set their browsers to turn off cookies.  (When users turn off cookies, Web beacon technologies will still detect users visits anonymously, but this information cannot be associated with other user information and is disregarded).


Some of the banner ads displayed in our websites are provided by outside companies. These ads may use cookies and/or Web beacons.  Unlike cookies and Web beacons used by OSG in content it controls at its websites, cookies or Web beacons received with banner ads are collected by our advertisers and we do not have access to this information.  We use reputable third parties to serve some or all of the advertisements that are placed within our sites and they may use information about your visits to our sites and other sites to assist in serving advertisements to you.  They may share information with their clients such as date/time of the banner ad shown, the specific ad shown, the IP address, etc. DoubleClick is our third party ad server.  If you would like to know more about their information gathering practices and “opt-out” procedures, please see


We believe that choice in how and when you are contacted is key to customer satisfaction, so we offer several ways for you to update your contact information or change your preferences.

1. If you have an online account at one of our websites, you may be able to log on and update or change your contact or account information.  Check the site for further information.
2. If you are a subscriber to one of our magazines, you may be able to log on and update or change your contact or account information by contacting us at
3. You may unsubscribe to any of our online email updates by following the unsubscribe instructions in the body of any message.
4. You may write to us and update your contact information or ask that we not share your personal contact information with third parties.   See the mailing address and fax number at the bottom of this privacy policy.  In those instances, we will retain your information in a “do not promote” file in our database.
5. You may also contact us at

We will try to implement your opt-out requests promptly, but you may still receive promotional information from us by mail for up to 60 days due to printing and mailing schedules, and up to 10 days for email; please forgive any delay.


We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt important information (e.g., credit card data) while it is in-transit to/from us when you are buying products or services over the Internet.  We employ appropriate, commercially reasonable security practices to protect your personal information while stored at our facilities.  Finally, we engage suitable service providers to help us with managing this information, and contractually require of them appropriate security assurances.

Remember that your personal information may also be accessed by the username and password you created when you registered at one of our websites where user accounts are permitted.  The confidentiality of any such password is yours to protect.  You may change it anytime by following the instructions at the website where you registered.  Take care to safeguard your password; if you believe someone else may be using your password, change it promptly.  Remember, also, that any personal information you post in chat rooms or message boards is available to anyone.

While no security measure can guarantee against compromise, we regularly review and update our security measures in an effort to provide appropriate security for all information held by us.


Our websites are not for use by minors.  We offer products and services that may be appropriate for minors, but if you are under the age of 18 you may use our websites only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.  We take minors’ privacy seriously, and ask minors (people under the age of 18) not to send any personally identifiable information to any of our websites without the consent of their parents or guardians.  Many of our websites include chat rooms, bulletin boards and other features that may be unsuitable for minors and which are not necessarily monitored.  OSG encourages all parents and guardians to instruct their children in the safe and responsible use of personal information on the Internet.  We will not knowingly collect, use, or disclose to third parties any personal information collected from children, and have adopted techniques to age-screen users on websites that might appeal to minors to ensure compliance with this Privacy Policy, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), and other applicable laws.


In developing our business, we might sell certain assets, or the company, or parts of it, may be sold, merged or otherwise transferred.  In such transactions, user information, whether personally identifiable or otherwise, may be one of the transferred assets.


Under California Law SB 27, California residents are afforded expanded rights to information about shared personal information, or are required to have the free ability to opt-in or opt-out of such sharing.  This privacy policy fully affords you the rights not to have your personal information shared by us.  If you have any questions about your ability to opt-out of information sharing by us, please see “How Can You Control Your Personal Information” (above) or contact us by email


Our websites and associated computers are located in the United States.   All matters relating to these sites are governed by the laws of the State of New York in the United States.  Any information you provide through these websites, in subscribing to one of our publications, or in registering or ordering at one of our websites will be transferred to, and used in, the United States.  By visiting our sites and submitting information, you unambiguously consent to the collection, processing, transfer or use of your personal data, as described in this privacy policy.   If you do not consent to any collection, processing, transfer or use of such information, please discontinue use of these websites.


We will occasionally update this Privacy Policy.  We recommend that you check the policy when you visit our site to be sure you are aware of and understand our current policy; when feasible, we will post specific summary of material changes in our policy.  Your continued use of our websites will constitute your agreement to any changes in the privacy policy.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please email us at Please include the URL of the website and/or name of the publication involved in your request.

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