Fly Fishing Made Easy

Fly Fishing Made Easy 2020

Fly Fishing Made Easy will explain what gear you need to get started and how to make smart purchasing decisions; demonstrate basic knots; teach casting and presentation skills; promote proper catch-and-release fishing; and explain how fly fishing is a four-season sport not just for trout but a variety of warmwater and saltwater species.


Closing Date: 3/4/20
On-Sale Date: 5/12/20
Full 4-Color Page: $2,000
2/3 4-Color Page: $15,400
1/2 4-Color Page: $1,340
1/3 4-Color Page: $940
1/4 4-Color Page: $740
1/6 4-Color Page: $540
Spread 4-Color: 4,000


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