North American Elk

NA Elk 2020

North American Elk is the guide to the elk hunter’s journey, fueled with content that launches the aspirational elk hunter launches them on their dream of pursuing the King of Deer. The best expert advice blends with a total immersion in the heart-pounding world of elk country. Wisdom from Will Primos, Fred Eichler, Mark Kayser, Craig Boddington, Jack Ballard and Mike Altizer combines with top photography and critical gear reviews: tents, guns, packs, optics, navigation, bows, bullets, boots, broadheads and more. Readers focus on training like a backcountry athlete while inspired by adventure tales, news, entertainment and sections like Success Story, Backtracks and ELKOLOGY. The NA ELK experience is geo-targeted in America’s deer country to provide the perfect opportunity to showcase products to elk hunting’s fastest growth sector.

NEW FOR 2021, two issues! Our first issue dropping in February lays the groundwork for planning your elk odyssey, helping readers with the best strategy for their western adventure. Success rates state to state are revealed so a destiny can be chosen, map/topo skills are explained, fitness training and tag application savvy. Volume 2 drops in June and tells how to max your opportunities with speed scouting, analyzing elk habitat, smart camping, staying mobile and gear, gear, gear.


Distribution: 102,000
Volume #1 Closing Date: 12/9/20
Volume #1 On-Sale Date: 2/16/21
Volume #2 Closing Date: 4/5/21
Volume #2 On-Sale Date: 6/8/21
4-Color Page: $3,000
1/2 Page: $1,800
1/3 Page: $1,200
1/4 Page: $900


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