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Petersen’s Hunting

Since 1973, Petersen’s Hunting has been the most trusted brand solely devoted to the pursuit of big-game and adventure sport hunting.

Quick Facts:

•Petersen’s Hunting Magazine has the largest audience of any other adventure hunting-oriented brand, with over 4-million readers
• Petersen’s Hunting editors ‘practice what they preach’ – with Mike Schoby’s recent Border To Border trek from Mexico to Alaska serving as a prime example

Border to Border presented by Petersen’s Hunting 

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  • Magazine Circulation202,833
  • Magazine Frequency8x a year + Annual
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors185,000
  • Annual Page Views10,905,550
  • Total Print Audience4,719,000
  • Men 87%
  • Women13%
  • Median Age49.4
  • Married76%
  • Have Children in Household40.4%
  • Attended College41.1%
  • Management/Professional22%
  • Tradesmen/Craftsmen16%
  • Average Household Income$64,900

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Editor & Publisher

Kevin Steele



Kevin Steele is a 37 year veteran of the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. Currently the Publisher of Petersen’s HUNTING and Producer and Co-Host of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures TV, Steele is also the publisher and editor emeritus of Guns & Ammo.
With a reputation as an editor and writer Steele knows his market intimately. He began shooting at the age of five and became a licensed hunter at the age of ten. He has actively participated in IPSC, Metallic Silhouette, 3-Gun and Cowboy Action Shooting, along with skeet, trap and sporting clays. His vocation as an outdoor journalist coincides with his avocation as a passionate outdoorsman who loves shooting, hunting, fishing, off-roading and horses. Competent in all shooting diciplines, Steele has hunted on four continents, taking sixty-two species of big game at last count.

Mike Schoby



Born in Seattle Washington, Mike Schoby grew up hunting blacktails and Roosevelt elk. While the Pacific Northwest still calls to him, over the span of 20 years he has hunted most of the United States, several Canadian provinces, Mexico, South America, several African countries and New Zealand. He has written five books on hunting ranging from predator calling to do-it-yourself western big game. Mike Schoby is the Editor of Petersen’s Hunting magazine and host of Petersen's Hunting Adventures TV.

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