865,205 Total Print Audience
92,404 Average Monthly Unique Visitors

Firearms News

As Outdoor Sportsman Group’ oldest brand (established in 1946), Firearms News (formerly Shotgun News) is the world’s largest gun sales publication – serving an audience of firearms fanciers, dealers, auctioneers and private sellers.

Quick Facts:
• FAN delivers more advertising to its audience than any other shooting-oriented brand
• Published 30-times / year – it has the highest frequency of any magazine in our portfolio


  • Magazine Circulation78,665
  • Magazine Frequency24x/year
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors92,404
  • Annual Page Views1,824,566
  • Total Print Audience865,205
  • Men 86%
  • Women 14%
  • Median Age 46
  • Married 74%
  • Have Children in Household19%
  • Attended College77%
  • Average Household Income$97,600

Digital Version

Editor & Publisher

Mike Schoby



Mike Schoby joined the team in 2009 as Editor in Chief of Petersen's Hunting magazine. After 8 years at the helm of our largest big game adventure hunting publication, founding the new publication Wheels Afield (OSG's marque Overlanding/Adventure publication) and hosting Petersen's Hunting Adventures as well as Border to Border TV he was promoted in July, 2017 to Group Publisher of the OSG shooting titles (Guns and Ammo, Handguns, Rifleshooter, Shooting Times and the Speciality Interest Publication division). In addition to print shooting publication responsibilities, Schoby is also the producer of Guns and Ammo TV and Handguns and Defensive Weapons TV airing on The Sportsman Chanel and the Outdoor Channel.

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