302,579 Total Print Audience
60,467 Average Monthly Unique Visitors

Firearms News

As Outdoor Sportsman Group’ oldest brand (established in 1946), Firearms News (formerly Shotgun News) is the world’s largest gun sales publication – serving an audience of firearms fanciers, dealers, auctioneers and private sellers.

Quick Facts:
• FAN delivers more advertising to its audience than any other shooting-oriented brand
• Published 30-times / year – it has the highest frequency of any magazine in our portfolio


  • Magazine Circulation85,650
  • Magazine Frequency30x/year
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors60,467
  • Annual Page Views3,527,757
  • Total Print Audience302,579
  • Men 87%
  • Women 13%
  • Average Age 56.6
  • Married 74%
  • Have Children in Household18.6%
  • Attended College77%
  • Management/Professional 47%
  • Tradesmen/Craftsmen/Services10%
  • Average Household Income$97,600

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Editor & Publisher

Chris Agnes



Chris Agnes is the Publisher of Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, Firearms News, Handguns and RifleShooter magazines. Chris also overseas Guns & Ammo TV and Handguns & Defensive Weapons TV. He is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and has spent the past 17 years in sales and management of shooting magazines and TV shows.

David Jones



David Hunter Jones has finally found his home in the shooting and hunting world as Editor of Firearms News after an 8-year stint in the fishing industry. He’s a Florida native and enjoys deer and turkey hunting, is fan of guns he can’t afford and shooting other people’s ammo. He has three children and lives in Illinois with his wonderful wife, Amanda.

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