Hunt, Harvest and Cook Incredible Wild Foods on Outdoor Channel’s New Series – ‘WildFed’

January 4, 2021

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WildFed Premieres Monday, January 4 at 7 p.m. ET

DENVER (January 4, 2021) Join hunter and forager, Daniel Vitalis, on a culinary journey through the mountains, woods and waters on Outdoor Channel’s new series, WildFed, premiering on Monday, January 4 at 7 p.m. ET. Vitalis makes each meal an adventure waiting to be discovered as he and his guests show viewers the gear, techniques and traditions to sustainably hunt, harvest and cook the incredible wild foods found everywhere.

“At WildFed, we believe in being ‘made of place.’ That means hunting, fishing, and foraging right here in our local food-shed,” Vitalis shared. “We celebrate exotic hunts and foraging opportunities in distant locales — and always look forward to those opportunities — but we especially like to emphasize the species we find right here at home. Learning to locate, identify, and ethically and legally harvest wild species from your local food-shed deepens your awareness of your immediate environment, and makes you the first line of defense as a citizen-ecologist.”

In the first episode, Vitalis takes on the profound challenge of a bear hunt with a fellow hunter and houndsman, as well as explores traditional methods for harvesting delicious wild rice with friends. Future episodes will find Vitalis in South Carolina for a gator hunt and learning about a local caffeine crop called Yaupon; in Maine for local whitefish; and even teaming up with local chefs to hunt the original poultry — pigeons — and foraging for mushrooms and greens from the Wisconsin landscape.

WildFed makes its decisions with the future forager in mind. We are all stewards of a 3.5 million year subsistence tradition. How do our choices today impact the future of that tradition?” Vitalis asks. “WildFed seeks to answer these questions and to innovate new strategies, tactics, equipment and processes that make foraging a viable lifestyle for future generations.”

Daniel Vitalis is a Registered Maine Guide, writer, public speaker, interviewer, and lifestyle pioneer who’s especially interested in helping people reconnect with the wilderness. After learning to hunt, fish and forage as an adult, Vitalis created WildFed to inspire others to start a wild-food journey of their own. Headquartered in the Lakes Region of Maine, he lives with his wife Avani and their Plott Hound, Ellie.

WildFed is produced by Oliver Anderson and Louis Burgdorf at Dynamo Films with Daniel Vitalis, Grant Guiliano and Jessi Paul at Trophic Level Media.

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