Outdoor Channel Introduces New Sport Shooting Competition: ‘American Airgunner Challenge’

July 8, 2020

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DENVER (July 8, 2020) Outdoor Channel is mixing six expert airgun sport shooters with 10 challenges for a chance to win $15,000 in the American Airgunner Challenge. The show will air Wednesdays on Outdoor Channel beginning on July 8 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

The reality-style series features an 11-episode programming run that will culminate with one shooter hailed as “American Airgunner Challenge Champion.” The show host is Rossi Morreale (TLC's Junkyard Wars, Discovery's Belly of the Beast, ABC's Dating in the Dark, NBC's Escape Routes, Food Network’s Halloween Wars)

“The new show is called American Airgunner Challenge and it’s something we have never seen before on television,” Morreale said. “Ten challenges, all airguns, with the world’s top airgunners battling it out for the title of ‘Airgunner Challenge Champion.’ The series isn’t just for airgun fans alone. It’s for every sportsman and woman out there. It’s all about shooting and competing.”

In the quest to continue to educate people who are unfamiliar with the airgun world and showcase just how fun and capable airguns can be, Outdoor Channel decided it was time for a shooting competition reality show. The series features six dynamic airgun personalities. Buddies and comrades at the start, they turn into fierce and focused competitors once the shooting begins.

The series comprises a competition involving: pistols and long-range shootouts to big bore’s blowing things up and shooting from moving vehicles. The competitors will be seen splitting cards at 75 yards and going head-to-head in speed competitions, as well as shooting arrows out of a .50 caliber airgun at a car suspended 60 feet in the air armed with explosive targets.

American Airgunner Challenge showcases an array of airguns – Sig Sauer, Umarex Synergis, replica Glock, Beretta, and HK pistols, FX Impact .30, Daystate Redwolf, .50 cal Air Venturi Wingshot, .45 Airforce Texan, Zbroia Kozak, as well as a very fun challenge involving the Air Arms TS200.

Competitors in the American Airgunner Challenge vying for the championship and bragging rights include: Tom Adams, Ted Bier, Joe Brancato, Eydin Hansen, Ian Harford and Brian Lanseigne.

For more information about the American Airgunner Challenge on Outdoor Channel, visit: www.outdoorchannel.com.

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