Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights 6/15/17

June 15, 2017

Robertsons Party on Outdoor Channel’s “Duck Dynasty” and Taste the Highs and Lows of Season Two on Sportsman Channel’s “Jim Shockey’s The Professionals”

DENVER (June 15, 2017) Outdoor Channel viewers party with the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty while Sportsman Channel viewers get a taste of the highs and lows with Jim Shockey during the week of June 19-25.

Outdoor Channel celebrates Monday night with quadruple episodes of Duck Dynasty, first with housewarming gifts and a Robertson fashion block party to welcome Jep and Jessica move into their new home on Willie and Jase’s street. Then, Willie and the guys take John Luke golfing prior to his engagement party and their attempts at marital advice don’t exactly work out as planned. Hollywood Weapons follows with back-to-back episodes as John Rambo’s (Sylvester Stallone) ability to decimate enemies all by himself has created some of the most incredible weapon stunts in Hollywood history. The hosts test the reality surrounding these iconic scenes from the blockbuster franchise, Rambo. Next, the hosts conduct a massive test with actor Bill Duke, by building a jungle to see if it’s possible to chop it down with a mini-gun as seen in the film Predator. Then, on Carter’s W.A.R., Ivan joins a specialized team in exploring radical solutions to save giraffes from being killed mercilessly for their meat in poverty-stricken parts of Africa and provide food to communities in need. The film Sometimes a Great Notion, wraps up the week on Friday Night at the Movies, where a family of fiercely independent Oregon loggers struggle to keep the family business alive amidst changing times.

Outdoor Channel Highlights for June 19–25:

Sportsman Channel’s Monday Night Hunts presented by MidwayUSA begins with the highlights and lowlights from the second season of Jim Shockey’s The Professionals. Then, things get wild in West Texas with doubles and triples on every stand on Predator Pursuit. Lastly, on Lock & Load Thursdays, a group of completely new products go along with a review of Hornady’s reworked and modernized .25-35 factory load on Guns & Ammo presented by Brownells.

Sportsman Channel Highlights for June 19–25:

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