Outdoor Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

September 1, 2016

Deteriorating Sustenance in “UNCHARTED”; Instilling Fatherly Fear in “Duck Dynasty”; Sleeping with One Eye Open in “DROPPED” and Country Carry-ons Friday Night

DENVER (September 1, 2016) Outdoor Channel viewers will push through the hunger alongside Jim Shockey, revel in day-to-day Robertson shenanigans, stay alert with the Keefers and keep in touch with backcountry roots during the week of September 5–11.

Monday evening begins with Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED featuring Jim and his cameraman, Matt Ziniel, on their epic mountain adventure in Russia – amidst dwindling food supplies. Then, four ducks are better than one with four consecutive episodes of Duck Dynasty. First, while duck hunting, the guys stumble across a beehive dripping with wild honey, which they consider to be nature’s most prized succulent treasure. Then, when Willie finds out his daughter, Sadie has a new boyfriend, he decides to get to know the kid, while instilling some fatherly fear. Next, Willie and Jase revive their childhood rivalry as they go head-to-head in a fishing competition to prove who’s in charge once and for all. Lastly, the Robertson boys come up with a wild plan to build a luxurious duck blind in the sky. Later in the evening, the harsh reality of winter sets in for the Keefer brothers in DROPPED as they sleep with one eye open while a grizzly bear patrols the area around their campsite.

Country Friday Nights starts out with Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors as Craig and Tyler continue their trek through the mountains of New Zealand with plenty to chase. Next, Nick’s Wild Ride and his dog, Waylon, head out on a pheasant hunt with Pheasants Forever, an organization dedicated to wildlife habitat conservation in Minnesota – close to where Nick grew up. Wrapping up the evening is Friday Night at the Movies airing the 1959 film – Day of the Outlaw. Blaise Starrett is a rancher at odds with homesteaders when his dispute takes a back seat to a new threat of outlaws taking over the small town.

Highlights for September 5–11:

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