Outdoor Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

September 8, 2016

Epic Russian Adventure in “UNCHARTED”; All Ducks on Deck in “Duck Dynasty”; Racing to Nowhere in “DROPPED” and Saddling Up for Country Friday Nights

 DENVER (September 8, 2016) – Viewers of Outdoor Channel during the week of September 12–18 will experience a Russian typhoon beside Jim Shockey, cheer on the bearded gang in a friendly competition, get lost in the Alaskan tundra with the Keefers and keep it country on Friday night.

Monday evening begins with Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED as the episode follows Jim and his cameraman, Matt Ziniel, in the final chapter of their mountain adventure in Russia. As they hunt for sheep in the midst of a typhoon, Jim realizes this is the longest and most epic hunt he has ever attempted. Next, count ‘em 1-2-3-4 with four consecutive episodes of Duck Dynasty. First, when a big business decision is at stake for Duck Commander, Willie plans an employee, team-building retreat. Then, Willie’s past comes back to taunt him when his arch-nemesis from high school challenges him to a riding lawnmower race. Willie calls in the guys to help him prepare, practice and outfit his mower for the good old-fashion race. Next, Willie, Si and Jase give Sadie driving lessons to help her prepare for her upcoming driving test. Lastly, Willie and Korie decide to buy their son his own car after he leaves the pickup in the driveway with an empty gas tank. Later, with an arctic storm nipping at their heals, the Keefer brothers – in DROPPED – race down the river to reach their next supply-yielding cache – only to find themselves lost.

Country Friday Nights starts out with Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors in New Mexico during the rut, a time period when elk are more active and less cautious. Craig finds himself in the middle of the elk rut but has to cut out early to support his local charity back in Tennessee. Next, Nick’s Wild Ride heads to South America in search of what makes Montevideo, Uruguay so special. Closing out the evening is Friday Night at the Movies airing the 1959 film – Warlock – where the town is plagued by a gang of thugs, causing the townspeople to hire Clay Blaisdell, a notorious gunman to act as marshal.

Highlights for September 12–18:

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