Outdoor Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

October 27, 2016

Celebrating Halloween on “Duck Dynasty”; Heli-skiing on “Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots”; Hunting in New Zealand on “Viking Chronicles” and Cowboy Adventures on “Country Friday Nights” 

DENVER (October 27, 2016) Outdoor Channel viewers will celebrate Halloween with Willie Robertson and the Duckmen as ghosts and goblins prove no match for this group of beards; go heli-skiing in Alaska with Josiah Freeman; hunt in New Zealand with Kyle Lamb; join a turkey hunt with Craig Morgan; learn about the lives of the Argentinean “Gauchos” with Nick Hoffman; and enjoy the classic western film, Silverado.

Outdoor Channel viewers start their week with four episodes of Duck Dynasty. First, the guys turn the warehouse into a haunted house as a Halloween treat for the neighborhood kids. Next, Willie’s suspicious behavior from dying his beard to buying a new motorcycle, makes Jase come to the conclusion that Willie is having a mid-life crisis. Then, after the warehouse’s deep freezer breaks down, Jase and Jep have a hard time finding a place to dispose the spoiled meat. Finally, Willie volunteers to join the guys for their latest all-night packing session, but ends up helping Jase track down faulty smoke detectors and falling victim to a prank. Next, on Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots, pilot Josiah Freeman takes a professional snowboarder Mark Barajas to the top of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska for some hellacious heli-skiing. Later in the week, on Viking Chronicles, Kyle Lamb’s adventures in the southern hemisphere continue on a hunt for the agile goat antelope on the south island of New Zealand.

To start Country Friday Nights, on Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors, Craig holds his annual invitational turkey hunt in Tennessee and then meets up with John Paul Morris of Bass Pro Shops to hammer down on some Missouri longbeards. Next, on Nick’s Wild Ride, Nick explores the cowboy life of Argentina’s “Gauchos,” hunts trophy red stag, learns how to make a knife out of stag bone and visits a traditional leather maker. Friday Night at the Movies ends the night with Silverado, a western film directed by Lawrence Kasden and set in 1880. A group of four men come together to help fight injustices and bring peace and equality back to the small western town of Silverado.

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