Outdoor Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

May 4, 2017

Motivational Monday on “Duck Dynasty”; Scoreless on “Hollywood Weapons”; Anti-poaching Forces on “Carter’s W.A.R.” and Fort Massacre on “Friday Night at the Movies”

DENVER (May 4, 2017) – During the week of May 8–14, Outdoor Channel viewers will see what new adventures Willie and his family are up to on Duck Dynasty; test explosives on Hollywood Weapons; travel to Mozambique to stop poachers on Carter’s W.A.R. and enjoy the 1958 western film – Fort Massacre.

Monday night on Outdoor Channel starts with four episodes of Duck Dynasty.  First, Willie pushes his work force too far after implementing new motivational work tactics and the guys go on strike. Then, Willie instills some Robertson-style fatherly fear into Sadie’s new boyfriend. Next, Jase and Jep have a hard time finding a place to dispose of spoiled meat after the warehouse’s deep freezer breaks down, while John Luke and Sadie visit the dentist, generating plenty of embarrassing cell phone videos. Finally, the night before Reed’s high school graduation, Willie, Jase, and Si take him frog hunting and provide a few bits of unusual advice for his future.

Hollywood Weapons bring Monday night to a close with back-to-back episodes as the hosts recreate a scene from the movie Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, where Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) uses a blowtorch to cut through a safe, fill it with water, and blow the door off using a small explosive device. This, along with the effects of a 20mm anti-tank rifle on a safe, are tested. Then, one of the largest tests yet is conducted by building a jungle to see if it’s possible to chop it down with a mini-gun. Actor Bill Duke, whose character performed this weapon stunt in the film Predator, joins.

Friday night on Carter’s W.A.R., Ivan joins the foremost anti-poaching team in Mozambique to bring down a group of poachers who have been killing local elephants for their ivory. Friday Night at the Movies ends the week with the classic Western film – Fort Massacre. After an ambush leaves the cavalry without their commanding officer, Sergeant Vinson (Joel McCrea) puts the troop in jeopardy when hatred clouds his judgement.

Highlights for May 8 – 14:

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