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April 21, 2016

Adventure-Seeking, Action-Packed Programming… All. Week. Long.

All New Content Airing April 25 – May 1

DENVER (April 21, 2016) – Outdoor Channel is rolling out a multitude of all new episodes during the week of April 25 – May 1 from the network’s growing number of popular series.

Monday night kicks off with The Best of Buck Commander repeating a 2015 episode where Tombo and Langy hunt elk in New Mexico while Willie hunts whitetail deer in Texas. The evening continues with another series starring Willie Robertson – Duck Dynasty – with four back-to-back episodes. First, Si wins $2,000 during the Duck Commander’s “casino night” and decides to buy a massage chair for the office. Then, Jase’s wife, Missy, finally replaces his lost wedding band. Next, the guys are invited to the unveiling of a new wing in the local Bass Pro shop that will feature Duck Commander products. Finally, Willie calls the guys into work on Saturday for a Human Resources training session; the seminar quickly turns from unproductive to a complete disaster.

In the middle of the week, the team members in Top Shot compete in a marksmanship contest against the Kentucky Long Rifles with the shooting distances continually increasing. Then, viewers will head to Friday Night at the Movies to watch the 1985 classic film, Silverado, where a group of misfit cowboys unify in a fight against the injustices befalling the town. Next, Madfin Shark Series airs the second day of competition in Venice, Louisiana where the contenders try to catch and release the most sharks in the midst of tough weather conditions. Then, Alaska’s Wild Gourmet sets sail off the Gulf of Alaska to cater a captain’s dinner crafted from foraged, unique ingredients. As the week comes to an end, Archer’s Choice with Ralph and Vicki airs the first of two episodes following the couple on their moose hunt in the Yukon at MacMillan Adventures.

Highlights for April 25 – May 1:

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