Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

November 3, 2016

Red Buffalo Hunting on “Cabela’s Instinct”; Cooking Wild Game on “MeatEater”; Teaching Children About the Outdoors on “Outback Outdoors” and Whitetail Hunting Competition on “MCMILLAN”

DENVER (November 3, 2016) – During the week of November 7–13 on Sportsman Channel, viewers will hunt for red buffalo with Tim Herald as he remembers all the fun he had the past few weeks in Burkina Faso; learn how to cook wild game with Steven Rinella; spread the love of the outdoors with Team OO; and join a friendly competition at McMillan Outfitting with Tom McMillan.

Thursday Trailblazers begins with Cabela’s Instinct. In this episode, Tim Herald finishes his hunt in Burkina Faso, Africa with a red buffalo hunt and reflects on what he learned about the culture of the country while Mark Peterson was in New Mexico hunting mule deer. Next, on MeatEater, Steven Rinella joins Chef Eduardo Garcia at his home in Montana for a day of cooking wild game.

Friday, on Outback Outdoors, the OO team partners up with some amazing kids for a turkey hunt to pass on their hunting heritage and love for the outdoors. Finally, on MCMILLAN, it’s firearms season once again in Kansas, and a “first-timer” proves that it is not the size of the trophy, but the experience that counts when it comes to Whitetail hunting.

Highlights for November 7–13:

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