Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

November 10, 2016

Experience Pakistan on “Cabela’s Instinct”; Black Bear Hunting on “MeatEater”; Celebrate Bowhunting on “Outback Outdoors” and Greatest Hits of the Season on “MCMILLAN”

DENVER (November 10, 2016) – Sportsman Channel viewers will have lots of outdoor adventure programming to feast on during the week of November 14–20. Mark Peterson experiences the Pakistani culture while hunting wild sheep; Steven Rinella is on the hunt for the spring black bear; Team OO discuss the joys of bowhunting; and Tom McMillan looks back on his best hunts of the season at McMillan Outfitting.

Cabela’s Instinct kicks off Thursday Trailblazers with Mark Peterson arriving in Pakistan and getting an eye opening experience on the culture. He is on the hunt for Blandford Urial and Sind Ibex, specific types of wild sheep found just north of Karachi, while Tim Herald hunts for elk in New Mexico. Next, on MeatEater, Steven Rinella hunts spring black bears in the mountains of Southwest Montana.

Friday, on Outback Outdoors, Trev Stoltzfus takes an introspective look on the basics of archery and evaluates himself in search of the true joy of why he loves bowhunting so much. Finally, on MCMILLAN, Tom McMillan re-caps some of the season’s most successful and enjoyable hunts.

Highlights for November 14–20:

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