Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

March 2, 2017

Trapping Beaver on “MeatEater”; Hunting in Kansas on “The Jackie Bushman Show Classics”; Obstacle Course Challenge on “Top Shot” and Quick Defense Strategies on “GunVenture”

DENVER (March 2, 2017) – During the week of March 6–12, Sportsman Channel viewers will witness plenty of thrilling action as Steven Rinella is in search of beaver in Wyoming on MeatEater; Jackie is joined by Major League Bowhunter hosts to discuss hunting in Kansas on The Jackie Bushman Show Classics; teams compete in an obstacle course shooting challenge on Top Shot and the GunVenture team gives advice on what to do when there is a sudden
robbery attempt.

MeatEater kicks off Monday Night Hunts presented by MidwayUSA with Steven Rinella in search of meat and hide. To get what he is looking for, Rinella heads to Wyoming to trap beaver. Next up, on The Jackie Bushman Show Classics, Matt Duff and Chipper Jones from Major League Bowhunter join Jackie to talk about hunting the bruisers of Kansas. Also boat captain Jimmy Crochet hunts late season muzzleloader bucks in Alabama.

Next, on Lock and Load Thursdays presented by Remington, is Top Shot. In this episode, two teams compete in an obstacle course, challenge each other in target shooting with classic rifles and the shooters of the losing team participate in an elimination competition. Finally, on GunVenture, “First Person Defender” puts a good guy in the position of needing a defensive strategy when he is waiting in line at the ATM and a sudden attack forces a response.

Highlights for March 6 – 12:

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