Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

April 13, 2017

Hunting in Slovenia on “Jim Shockey’s The Professionals”; Heading to Mexico on“Predator Pursuit”; Ammo Introductions on “Guns & Ammo presented by Brownells” and Taking Down Elk on “Pigman: The Series”

DENVER (April 13, 2017) – From the mountains of Slovenia to the border of Mexico, Sportsman Channel viewers will travel the world during the week of April 17–23. An unforgettable hunt takes place on Jim Shockey’s The Professionals; Jeff Thomason heads south on Predator Pursuit; new ammo is introduced on Guns & Ammo presented by Brownells and Brian “Pigman” Quaca returns to the Centennial State on Pigman: The Series.

Monday Night Hunts presented by MidwayUSA opens the week with Corey Knowlton and the Hunting Consortium as they follow Jim Shockey on an epic hunt in the mountains of Slovenia on Jim Shockey’s The Professionals. Then, on Predator Pursuit, Jeff Thomason and the Amend2 crew head south of the border for a Mexican adventure.

Next, on Lock and Load Thursdays presented by Remington, Hornady Manufacturing makes certain boredom doesn’t enter the picture with its black ammo lineup that includes more than a dozen new offerings on Guns & Ammo presented by Brownells. Two different, yet distinqushed, Taurus Pistols are also examined. Finally, on Pigman: The Series, Brian “Pigman” Quaca returns to Colorado for the first time – since his near-fatal car accident – to take down elk with the guys from Primos.

Highlights for April 17–23:

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