‘North American Whitetail’ Spring Issue Focuses on Postseason Topics

March 30, 2021

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DENVER (March 30, 2021) – As the pandemic wears on, millions of whitetail hunters and landowners find themselves looking to the outdoors as a refuge from the headlines. With virtually all deer seasons now over; shed hunting, post-season scouting and managing habitat take center stage. With this in mind, the staff at North American Whitetail magazine has devoted its Spring 2021 issue to those topics, as well as new details on some of the greatest bucks taken by hunters last fall.

In a special feature, Dr. James C. Kroll — the whitetail researcher known widely as "Dr. Deer" — gives step-by-step instructions on developing a food plot where none has previously existed. This is especially helpful information for the many hunters and landowners who lack obvious locations for growing forage.

"It's not that complicated," Dr. Kroll notes. "Every piece of land contains opportunities to develop small food plots, even if the overall area is heavily wooded. Rights of ways, internal roadsides and small forest openings all can be used to grow better deer forage. Proper use of herbicides often can substitute for mechanical equipment. Plants such as clover and chicory can do reasonably well by top-seeding with minimal site preparation."

In addition to Dr. Kroll's feature, there is also a rundown of a number of new products designed to make habitat development simpler, especially on the smaller properties many wildlife enthusiasts now manage. The issue's "Gear Wise" department also looks at the best ways to store hunting and scouting gear during the off-season. And a detailed feature in the issue focuses on how to use postseason scouting and shed hunting to zero in on prime buck hideouts.

To illustrate just how well serious scouting can pay off, there are features on three enormous bucks. In fact, one of them is the world's largest ever taken by a female hunter. Paslie Werth, a 14-year-old from southwestern Kansas, dumped a massive 42-pointer on a youth hunt last September. A similar amount of time was invested by Joe Pettis, and his massive three-antlered "unicorn" buck from Wisconsin also is featured in the issue.

The cover story, chronicling the multi-year quest for a Boone & Crockett giant on public land in Pennsylvania, is perhaps the most fascinating of all. Cory Gulvas invested untold miles of legwork to finally get his crack at the ridgetop phantom. And when his chance came, he made good on it — using a simple recurve bow. From start to finish, this was one of the most epic whitetail bowhunts of all time, and readers will get to relive it in Cory's own words.

This issue of North American Whitetail is now available on newsstands everywhere. For more, visit: https://www.northamericanwhitetail.com

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