3,363,000 Total Print Audience
291,673 Average Monthly Unique Visitors
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In-Fisherman is the most recognized and respected brand in freshwater fishing, and is dedicated to teaching its audience how to catch fish and ensure the future of fishing. For over twenty-eight years, no other fishing resource has delivered cutting-edge freshwater fishing information like In-Fisherman.

Quick Facts:

  • In-Fisherman was the first media brand to embrace a multi-media strategy, with television, print and web exposure
  • The largest magazine audience of any other freshwater fishing-oriented brand

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  • Magazine Circulation172,473
  • Magazine Frequency7x/year
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors291,673
  • Annual Page Views8,548,556
  • Total Print Audience3,363,000
  • Men 90%
  • Women 10%
  • Median Age 48.3
  • Married 74%
  • Attended College67%
  • Average Household Income$96,000

Digital Version

Editor & Publisher

George Large

Associate Publisher


George Large, Associate Publisher, In-Fisherman, is a lifelong angler who has traveled across North America and into many other parts of the world in search of challenging fishing. An exceptional angler, he has deep roots in the marketing side of the fishing industry, starting as a department manager in retail sales with Herman’s World of Sporting Goods in New York in the 1980s. He also worked as a sales representative with the East Coast firm G.B. Stumpp & Associates, before moving to Colorado and the Wright and McGill Company, where he became Director of Sales, Marketing, & Product Development. Leaving to become a Regional Sales Manager with Rapala Corporation, he was soon promoted to Vice President of Sales, and then to Vice President of Product Development. He most recently served as General Manager and Executive Vice President of Yo-Zuri America, in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, before accepting his current position with In-Fisherman, an organization he calls one of the most respected in the fishing industry.

Doug Stange



Inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in 1998 as a Legendary Communicator, In-Fisherman Television host Doug Stange is a contributing mastermind to the contents of the most widely read and respected national freshwater fishing magazine in North America: In-Fisherman. He also oversees the In-Fisherman series of annual guides; Walleye, Bass, Catfish, Ice Fishing, Ice-Fishing-Tactical Gear, Pike-Muskie, and Panfish Guides.

Dr. Rob Neumann



Rob Neumann is Managing Editor of In-Fisherman and contributes to magazines, television, and digital content, as well as operations of the magazines. As a lifelong multispecies angler, former fishery professor with a Ph.D. in fishery science, and certified fisheries professional, he brings a unique perspective to In-Fisherman, often connecting science to fish and fishing applications.

Jeff Simpson

Digital Fishing Editorial Director


Jeff Simpson is the Digital Fishing Editorial Director for InterMedia Outdoors including In-Fisherman, Florida Sportsman, and Fly Fisherman. Having worked as an In-Fisherman editor and photographer for 17 years, he has written for all of In-Fisherman’s publications and is one of the most noteworthy field photographer’s in the fishing industry.

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