10,139,000 Total Print Audience
1,190,000 Average Monthly Unique Visitors

Guns & Ammo

Established in 1958, Guns & Ammo, presenting content covering the complete spectrum of firearms, accessories and related products, is the most respected media brand in the firearms field.

Quick Facts:

• Guns & Ammo is the most respected and #1 media brand in the shooting category
• With popular television programing and the most-visited shooting-oriented site on the web, G&A content is delivered whenever and wherever shooting enthusiasts choose to access it.

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  • Magazine Circulation386,190
  • Magazine FrequencyMonthly
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors1,190,000
  • Annual Page Views60,042,089
  • Total Print Audience10,139,000
  • Men87%
  • Women13%
  • Median Age40.8
  • Married51%
  • Have Children in Household46%
  • Attended College50%
  • Management/Professional40%
  • Tradesmen/Craftsmen28%
  • Average Household Income$79,100

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Editor & Publisher

Chris Agnes



Chris Agnes is the Publisher of Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, Firearms News, Handguns and RifleShooter magazines. Chris also overseas Guns & Ammo TV and Handguns & Defensive Weapons TV. He is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and has spent the past 17 years in sales and management of shooting magazines and TV shows.

Eric Poole



Currently the Editor of Guns & Ammo magazine, Eric R. Poole brings years of service from the U.S. Marine Corps to the world’s most widely read firearms magazine. His experience as an armorer and his background with print publications at the NRA lead him into his dream career of working at G&A. Throughout his tenure at InterMedia Outdoors, Eric served as Editor-in-Chief of Special Interest Publications, where he continues to oversee editorial content at-large. An avid hunter, Eric has enjoyed the pursuit of wild game from North America to Africa. Since taking the ropes at G&A, Eric has transformed the look and feel of the magazine while developing a personal connection to his readers.

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