Sportsman Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

March 16, 2017

Chasing Turkeys on “MeatEater”; Montana Sweepstakes Winner on “The Jackie Bushman Show Classics”; Archery Shoot-off on “Top Shot” and Racing in Talladega on “GunVenture”

DENVER (March 16, 2017) – Sportsman Channel viewers get tips from the most decorated hunters in the country during the week of March 20–26 as Steven Rinella uses an ancient hunting tip to catch wild turkeys on MeatEater; Jackie announces a lucky sweepstakes winner on The Jackie Bushman Show Classics; competitors must compete in a long range archery shoot-off on Top Shot and Ryan Gresham takes a spin around the Talladega race track on GunVenture.

MeatEater kicks off Monday Night Hunts presented by MidwayUSA with Steven Rinella using a 100-year-old hunting tip from Aldo Leopold to find a gang of gobblers along with Karl Malcolm in New Mexico. Next up, on The Jackie Bushman Show Classics, Jackie announces the winner of his Montana sweepstakes.

Next, on Lock and Load Thursdays presented by Remington, is Top Shot. This time, competitors are out of their comfort zone as teams compete in a long-range archery shoot-off – best arrow wins. Then, two shooters compete with crossbows to avoid elimination. Finally, on GunVenture, today’s ranges are more upscale and hi-tech than ever. From machine gun rentals at Scottsdale, to a grand tour in Denver, and finally a stop in Talladega for some e-target shooting, viewers see it all. Ryan Gresham also sneaks in a trip around the infamous Talladega race track.

Highlights for March 20 – 26:

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