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1,732,918 Total Print Audience
156,000 Average Monthly Unique Visitors

Shooting Times

Shooting Times serves an extremely active group of dedicated, technically savvy shooting and hunting enthusiasts who form a core group of opinion-leaders and purchase-influencers in the shooting sports community.

Quick facts:
• Shooting Times enthusiasts are proud of their position on leaders of opinion on shooters rights
• Founded in 1962, Shooting Times is one of the most well-established brands in shooting sports media


  • Magazine Circulation156,135
  • Magazine Frequency12x/year
  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors156,000
  • Annual Page Views3,000,000
  • Total Print Audience1,732,918
  • Men 85%
  • Women15%
  • Median Age47
  • Average Household Income$100,000
  • Traffic From Mobile/Tablet67%
  • E-Newsletter Subscribers111,795
  • Social Media Followers634,841

Digital Version

Editor & Publisher

Mike Schoby


Mike Schoby joined the team in 2009 as Editor in Chief of Petersen's Hunting magazine. After 8 years at the helm of our largest big game adventure hunting publication, founding the new publication Wheels Afield (OSG's marque Overlanding/Adventure publication) and hosting Petersen's Hunting Adventures as well as Border to Border TV he was promoted in July, 2017 to Group Publisher of the OSG shooting titles (Guns and Ammo, Handguns, Rifleshooter, Shooting Times and the Speciality Interest Publication division). In addition to print shooting publication responsibilities, Schoby is also the producer of Guns and Ammo TV and Handguns and Defensive Weapons TV airing on The Sportsman Chanel and the Outdoor Channel.

Joel Hutchcroft


Joel fired his first gun—a .44 WCF Winchester Model 1873—at the tender age of seven, and he’s been fascinated with firearms ever since. Joel has worked in the gun industry for 38 years, and he is an avid shooter, hunter, handloader, and gunsmith. He earned a master’s degree in history; his bachelor’s degree is in biology, with a concentration in environmental studies. In addition to overseeing the production of Shooting Times, Joel has edited more than 40 special publications; appeared on Gallery of Guns TV; and has hunted on four continents.

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