Outdoor Channel Weekly Programming Highlights

Rebelling Against Authority on “Duck Dynasty”; Testing Fate on “Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots”; Small Game Hunting on “Viking Chronicles” and Exploring the West on “Country Friday Nights”

DENVER (November 3, 2016) Outdoor Channel viewers will have lots of programming to enjoy during the Week of November 7-11. First, on Duck Dynasty Willie wants to quell a revolt with the Duckmen after he tries to enforce new rules; the Ultimate Bush Pilot goes on a dangerous adventure; Oregon farmers work to get rid of pesky rodents with Kyle Lamb; Craig Morgan finds his way to a New Mexico rut; Nick Hoffman learns the hard way that drinking the water in Mexico is a bad idea and John Wayne stars in the 1970s classic western Chisum.

Kicking off the week on Outdoor Channel are four episodes of Duck Dynasty. First, following a minor car accident caused by Willie, Si rents a mobility scooter to get around. Next, the guys find a way to get around the firewall Willie has installed to stop them from goofing off on the Internet at work. Then, Rebecca comes home for a visit after finishing a fashion internship in Los Angeles, but Willie starts wondering how long she plans to stay. Finally, Willie hires Korie’s cousin as a personal assistant, but Jase, Martin, and Godwin rebel against the idea of having an outsider giving them orders. Next, on Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots, Mark Barker tempts fate and flies into no man’s land to find and salvage a white airplane in a snowy forest, and fights hypothermia along the way. Wednesday, on Viking Chronicles, Kyle Lamb takes to a remote corner of Oregon in a challenging eradication hunt where the pestilent jack-rabbit population plagues the local farmers.

Country Friday Nights starts with Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors. In this episode, the New Mexico rut is on and Craig is in the middle of the elk but can’t stay long as he has to get back to Tennessee to support his local charity and also cheer for his son’s biggest high school football game of the year. Next, on Nick’s Wild Ride, Nick Hoffman helps Mexican cowboys, but he learns a hard lesson about drinking cheap beer and bad water. Friday Night at the Movies features western film, Chisum, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. John Wayne stars as John Chisum, a cattle baron who must face off with Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett to fight the Lincoln County Land War.

Highlights for November 7 – 13:

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